COVID-19 Update: April 10, 2020

This week we learned that a Fox Hill Village resident had tested positive for the coronavirus. We cannot provide any specific information about this resident’s condition due to privacy laws governing health care information. However, we can tell you that this person had other health issues unrelated to the coronavirus that prevented the resident from circulating within the community for the two weeks prior to yesterday’s testing results.

We are working closely with the Westwood Board of Health to isolate this contagion, and will take any steps it recommends to further safeguard the health of our residents and staff. All staff members who had any contact with the covid+ resident and one other resident have been identified through our contact tracing. These individuals are either self-quarantining at home or undergoing temperature testing twice a day, pursuant to the CDC guidelines.

Yesterday we received notice that one of our staff has tested positive for the virus as well. We have no reason to think that these two cases are linked to each other. This staff member has not been on site since March 29, and did not have prolonged contact with any Fox Hill resident. This staff member has recovered and will be able to return to work soon. We are identifying all staff members who need to be quarantined pursuant to the CDC guidelines.

Over the course of the last month, we have taken many steps to protect the health of our residents. We have cancelled all large group activities, banned all visitors, and are now requiring all staff and residents to wear masks when in the common areas of the building. We are maintaining rigorous sanitizing schedules throughout the building and are taking each staff member’s temperature upon arrival for work. We will continue with these practices.

We know that you are very concerned and we want to reassure you that our priority is the safety and well being of our residents. We are also committed to maintaining transparency with you. We will, while respecting the privacy of our residents and staff, continue to keep you informed.