COVID-19 Update: March 12, 2020

The health and wellness of our residents is our top priority at Fox Hill. The Board and management have been closely following the spread of the Corona virus and the guidance received from the CDC, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the physicians at Brigham and Women’s Hospital who operate our health clinic.

Our staff has reviewed proper infection control measures and is following established protocols for frequent sanitizing of surfaces in all common areas. All members of our community have been educated on good public health hygiene, including frequent hand washings, sneezing protocols, “social distancing” and limiting contact with others if not feeling well.

There are no known cases of Corona virus at Fox Hill at this time. However, given the rapid spread of the virus in the Boston area, the Board of Directors today put in place new protocols to better protect Fox Hill residents and to slow the spread of this virus. These measures include:

Requesting that all families and friends postpone non-essential visits to Fox Hill;
Cancelling group activities;
Closing all dining venues and substituting room service; and Cancelling transportation to event venues.

These measures will be disruptive to everyone, but the Board believes that the only effective response to this virus is to significantly restrict personal contact and practice good public health hygiene. We ask for your understanding and support, knowing that when we work as a team, we are far more effective. This situation is very fluid; the Board will update this information as needed.