COVID-19 Update: May 21, 2020

Update on the Health of the Community

As of yesterday, Fox Hill had gone for three weeks without a new case of the coronavirus, and we have been cautiously hopeful. However, yesterday we learned that another resident has tested positive for the virus, and a second resident, not connected to the first, is most likely positive as well. We are in the process of contact tracing for both of these residents, and those who have had close contact per the CDC guidelines will be asked to self-quarantine.

These cases are a good reminder that none of us can let down our guard. Even if we eliminate the virus in the building, it can return, undetected. Everyone needs to continue to wash their hands regularly, to wear masks whenever outside their apartments, and to observe social distancing at all times. If you are not feeling well, do not leave your apartment and consult your physician. We note that with the reopening of some businesses throughout the state, the number of cases is likely to go up, and the next few weeks should be a time of heightened vigilance.

The better news is that six residents in Woodland Cottage who had the virus have all recovered. A seventh resident remains in a nursing home but is making a good recovery and should return soon. The three residents from Woodland who took up residence in the Fox Hill guest suites have returned to their home at Woodland Cottage.

Despite today’s news, the Board and the management team are developing plans for the gradual re-opening of the community. Like the state plan, it will have phases, the timing and scope of each depending on our experiences at Fox Hill and developments in the broader community. We hope to have a preliminary plan to share with you next week. Stay safe and thank you for your continued support and help during this time.