There’s lots to love.

Why do so many choose Fox Hill Village? Read what residents have to say about living here.

Always sensible, often heartwarming and sometimes surprising: Hear the reasons why residents and their families love Fox Hill Village.

Our scenic location:

We love balancing our lives with a sense of beauty, a sense of connecting with nature. At Fox Hill Village, nature is right outside the door.

Leslie, Resident

This morning I ventured down to my garden. The morning sun was peeking through the trees and there was not a sound to be heard. As I walked slowly through the woods, I was overcome with a feeling of great peace. This is happiness at Fox Hill Village!

June, Resident

I have a son who lives in Medfield and another son in Back Bay. That's why I came here. And I did not make a mistake.

Audrey, Resident
Our empowering ownership model:

We, the residents run this place, not an outside board of directors.

Jean, Resident

The Fox Hill co-op model requires a majority of its residents to approve every operating budget. Our lower monthly fees reflect the residents’ involvement on the board, the management’s reporting relationship directly to the Board with significant resident representation, and the lack of any outside party seeking a return on Fox Hill operations.

Irene, Resident

The best part of living at Fox Hill Village is that we own it! The board is composed of residents, my neighbors. If I have a problem I can go to my neighbor on the Board of Directors. All residents can vote on the budget and other key issues.

Robert, Resident

Fox Hill Village is run locally by our very capable staff and overseen by our own resident board. This is far better than remote, corporate, for-profit management that may be headquartered elsewhere in the country.

Gerald, Resident
Our lifestyle:

Fox Hill is like the best cruise ship! We’re all on vacation with friends. Attention to detail by all staff is amazing.

Joy and Tom, Residents

I moved to Fox Hill Village because it’s an open and welcoming community that challenges your interests and responds to them.

Herb, Resident

I would use the word "unique." Unique in many ways. The physical beauty, the excellent food, the co-op idea.

Linda, Resident

As we age it’s comforting to be in an attractive environment that keeps us young and thriving. Our bodies are nourished with excellent food and strengthened with modern exercise. Our minds are stimulated with activities that encourage us to learn, explore, question and think.

Sandy and Jordan, Residents

I am so happy to be continuing my pool games during recent months, one of the many opportunities for socialization at Fox Hill Village that is so important to our mental health and sense of community.

Hank, Resident

Fox Hill Village is the perfect place to weather the COVID-19 storm. We don’t need to buy groceries. We order from a menu in a socially distanced dining room or have meals delivered to our door.

Bill, Resident
Our inclusive spirit

In a world that seems increasingly fragmented and disconnected, Fox Hill Village is a place of community and connectedness. It is a cooperative and we cooperate with each other, whether we pass along a sports page clipping to a proud grandparent, invite someone to the fitness center, take in a package or sprinkle some water on a neighbor’s garden bed.

Michael, Resident

In my first year here, I met the woman I loved and lived with for more than ten years. What a bonus to my life!

John, Resident

In the halls, on the elevators, participating in or watching one of the many activities, you are among friends even if you just met them. First you are strangers, then you learn each other’s names, then you are friends. This is the Fox Hill difference.

Sally, Resident

Fox Hill matches or surpasses similar communities with its ambience of warmth, inclusion and support. Five stars for Fox Hill Village.

Irene and Edward, Residents

From my fellow gardeners I have learned from Peter who tells me about corms and bulbs, Claire who advises me to plant deeper and trim back and Pat who shares her vast experience. These caring folks with their floppy hats and well-worn gloves are perfect examples of” Fox Hill Friendly.”

Mary Lou, Resident
Our innovative care

We didn't ever think we were going to need all this help this quickly, but we did when my husband’s health took a turn. I can't thank everybody who works here enough for the care they give us.

Julie, Resident

It’s rare to find a place where the care staff will come right to your door to provide you with supportive services.

Martha, Resident

One of the real assets of Fox Hill Village is that you're not paying huge monthly fees for care that you may or may not ever use. You pay as you need it.

Upty, Resident

Just knowing that White Oak Cottages is an option, knowing the care they give there, what they provide for the residents, it’s a comfort.

Bob, Resident

I no longer worry about my mother living alone. She is busy and happy. And when winter arrives, I know the heat will be on and the sidewalks shoveled. It is the best possible gift she could have given to me and my siblings.

Daughter of resident