Focus on what matters to you.

Stay Fit

Feel your best with regular visits to our Fitness Center where personal trainers can set health goals and help you reach them. In addition to workouts in the Fitness Center, we offer a range of exercise and movement classes, such as Zumba, yoga, tai chi, balance and aerobics.

“I sing in a chorus of 40 voices, giving two concerts a year, and attend weekly concerts given here by local musicians of both the jazz and classical worlds.”
Jacqueline – resident.

Follow Your Passion

You have many interests, as do others in our community. Pen poems and stories with the Scribes Writing Class, go birding with the walking group, join Scrabble enthusiasts during a nightly war of words, or practice your French with other Francophiles. You’ll meet friends at resident-run groups like these or one that you’re inspired to start yourself.

Find Your Balance

Through our Vitalize 360™ person-directed program, we’ll support your growth in these dimensions of wellbeing as identified by you: social, emotional, spiritual, vocational, intellectual, physical and environmental. Your personal Vitalize 360 coach listens as you discuss your interests to build a picture of your current wellness and to support your future goals. As your coach learns your story, she or he will guide you to reach your defined goals, empowering you to think big, navigate life’s challenges and live in a way most meaningful to you.

Join Our Family

We care for all people, regardless of background or faith. From the regularly scheduled visits by multidenominational clergy to the Diversity Group showing support of the LGBTQ community, we encourage inclusivity and equality throughout Fox Hill Village.

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