Senior Rehabilitation in Westwood, MA

Feel better, faster.

After an illness, injury or hospital stay, you want to regain your health as quickly as you can. We’ll help you meet your goal with high-quality senior rehabilitation care on-site in our Westwood MA community. You can expect to receive expert, compassionate care to recuperate, gain strength and get back to your best self in our new state of the art Fitness and Wellness space.

If you need short-term post acute in-patient rehabilitation, our licensed social worker can assist you in choosing a quality short-term stay rehabilitation center within Norfolk County, MA and surrounding areas. During your rehabilitation, Fox Hill will offer transportation to the spouse and friends who wish to visit you during your stay.

Upon a resident’s return to Fox Hill, our clinical social worker helps to engage home health care, nursing care, occupational and physical therapy for rehabilitation at home.  As you recuperate, our supportive care staff is available to provide additional services.

One of the real assets of Fox Hill Village is that you’re not paying huge monthly fees for care that you may or may not ever use. You pay as you need it.
Upty, resident

You can access a full range of physical therapies on-site from Connections Physical Therapy, Inc., a fully licensed provider of physical and occupational therapies. Its team of experts deliver individualized treatment on days and at times that suite your schedule. All you need is a prescription from your treating physician.

At all times, you retain your freedom of choice — an a la carte menu of services structured so that you only pay for the care you use. Nurses, physicians and therapists are there when you need them, delivering the individualized, person-centered care you need. We work hard to keep you in your home with high-quality care that comes to you, preserving the independence you cherish.


Physical programs such as strength and mobility training, muscle re-education, and therapeutic exercise to help with short-term rehab after injury, illness or a hospital stay.

Occupational therapy helps you achieve a higher level of independence with programs that focus on daily living activities. These include strength and range-of-motion training, cognitive integration techniques, and learning how to use adaptive equipment.

Speech and language therapists will help you with communication issues or trouble swallowing. They’ll design treatments to improve your language ability, teach you alternative ways to communicate clearly, and suggest dietary changes to support your recovery.

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