Retirement Community in Westwood, MA

Our commitment. Our values.

When we opened our doors in 1990, our goal was to be distinctly different from other retirement communities in Massachusetts. We achieved this through creating an active and elegant Westwood retirement home where the residents and their advisors, not remote corporate leadership, make the key decisions.

Over the years our services and health care delivery model have changed as medical advancements, new technology and updated government policy have enabled new and more efficient models of care. We’ll continue to evolve to meet the needs of independent-minded, self-determined older adults, and we’ll strive to support their goals to live their best possible life.

Today, our beautiful wooded campus in Norfolk County, MA, draws people from neighboring suburbs as well as from distant states. From diverse and fascinating backgrounds, they choose Fox Hill for its easygoing, inclusive culture and the opportunity to have a voice in the decisions of the community.

Catering to resident needs, our staff serve with attentive hospitality that comes from the heart. There are opportunities for growth, learning and fulfillment; an array of services and amenities; and multiple resident committees and clubs that provide a variety of daily choices.

In addition to promoting independent living in Westwood MA, Fox Hill Village also offers in-home assisted care, physical therapy, and an innovative memory care program at White Oak Cottages. We partner with the venerable health provider Brigham and Women’s Hospital for continuum care such as an on-site health clinic and the services of certified internists. When residents require care outside their home, we provide easy access to rehabilitation services and high-quality skilled nursing services.

We invite you to discover how we differ from other retirement communities in Massachusetts and support an intentional lifestyle you design for yourself.