United in our commitment to environmental sustainability.

At Fox Hill Village, caring for the environment is a joint effort between residents and staff. We have implemented many sustainability practices over the last several years and are actively working to do even more, with several beta projects currently underway. From everyday efforts like recycling, composting, and replacing single-use plastics with more environmentally friendly options to upgrading energy systems and lighting, we’re leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to leave a smaller footprint on the planet we all share.
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“Everyone — from residents to staff — is engaged in our sustainability efforts. As shareholders, residents are supportive of all the systems we’re putting in place across the community and it’s exciting to see the strides we’re making.”

— Ray Seymour, Director of Engineering

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Current Sustainability Practices

Many of our current sustainability practices rely on resident involvement, while others are based on system changes that produce energy savings without changing the way residents live. Following are several examples of practices already in place:

Recycling and Waste Reduction

  • Implemented convenient household recycling with recycling instructions in all trash rooms
  • Offer a wastepaper recycling bin near the mailboxes
  • Offer recycling of soft plastic bags
  • Annual electronics recycling day with collection and disposal services
  • Developed a reusable container system for carryout meals
  • Replaced single-use plastic drinking cups with recyclable paper cups

Composting and Organic Agriculture

  • Compost fruit and vegetable cuttings from our kitchen in conjunction with Black Earth Composting
  • Collect and compost garden waste from the resident gardens on-site
  • Use only organic agriculture methods and products in resident gardens

Energy Systems

  • Installed four electric vehicle charging stations in the outdoor parking lot in addition to 15 private charging stations.
  • Installed solar panels on the roof of the Baker West Wing.
  • Converted all lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Installed two 70-kilowatt co-generation plants to supply electricity to the Fox Hill grid, thermal energy to heat the pool, preheated water for the Baker West Wing hot water system, and heat for the main Fox Hill building.
  • Installed a state-of-the-art Smardt chiller system to provide air conditioning to all of Fox Hill’s main building. This system reduces our carbon-release by approximately 586,000 pounds per year.
  • Replaced an inefficient 20 million-BTU boiler plant with a high-efficiency boiler plant, drastically reducing our use of gas.

Sustainability Projects in Progress

In addition to the practices and systems already in place, Fox Hill staff are working toward making additional changes that will further enhance our care of the land and reduce our environmental impact. Some of these projects include:

Landscaping and Land Management

We are working toward using more organic landscaping practices. We have already drastically reduced the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides by replacing broadcast methods with more targeted spot treatment methods.  We are focused on organic soil and turf enhancements and programs like biannual aeration and overseeding with compost top-dressing throughout the campus.  The area between the resident gardens and the putting green has been designated as a test site for 100% organic lawn treatments and maintenance.  It is our goal to eventually eliminate the use of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides throughout the campus.

In addition:

  • Irrigation practices are being converted to a deep-watering cycle to help save water and build deeper root systems.
  • Mowers will be set to a minimum of 3.5” and will use mulching blades to return nutrients to the soil.
  • A compost bin has been installed to accept any organic material generated through landscaping and resident gardens. We are also beginning on-site leaf composting. These practices will reduce the need to haul organic materials away from Fox Hill, cut carbon emissions and reduce use of landfill space.
  • Converting to electric trimmers and blowers this year and plan to convert to electric mowers in the future.
  • No-mow areas are being introduced to the Fox Hill landscape, with our first test site located near the entrance to the community. As conditions permit, we will add wildflowers which should provide beautiful color and habitat for pollinators in the future.


Fox Hill’s housekeeping department is currently evaluating non-toxic cleaning supplies and compostable bin liners. We plan a complete conversion to compostable bin liners in the near future. In addition, housekeeping staff and personal care assistant staff are being trained in recycling procedures and green cleaning methods.

Culinary Services

Our culinary services department is currently evaluating the feasibility of exclusively using organic fruits and vegetables that are locally grown whenever possible.


Plans are in place to eventually convert all Fox Hill vehicles to electric.

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